In order to provide an easy way for our customers to apply for credit, a single application form is provided. This form eliminates the hassles and stress in filling out individual application form presented for more than one suppliers. Each supplier will have to go through this application form to ascertain if they will like to have a credit extension. 

New Customer Credit Approval

A credit extension is exclusive to each supplier. After signing, you state that all information presented herein is complete and correct as well as that as a vendor we will rely on such information to determine if you should get a credit extension. 

Credit Limits

As a customer, you will get a credit line that is just sufficient to meet up with the requirements of your order. If you wish to request for an increase in your credit limit, you may be required to present additional financial information or other payments arrangements.

Payment Terms

We have a Net 30 payment term. And any account overdue is liable to incur a financial charge of 1.5% per month which is approximately 18% per annum. 

Types of Payment Methods Accepted

We accept the following payment methods; electronic payment, credit card, or a check that is payable to the supply who generated the invoice.

DEA & State License

All customers accept to present valid and current certificates from the DEA and State Pharmacy Licenses alongside the Application for credit form before an account can be set up.


  • Customers gives full rights to PrimeSource as well as suppliers to mail promotional or advertisement materials to either their email(s) and fax number(s)
  • Customers ask that PrimeSource creates and accounts on ( for the sole purpose of requesting orders. 
  • Customers state and agree to strictly keep confidential all pricing and inventory information that have been provided by supplier(s). Customers also agree not to distribution this information to any third party that includes but not limited to wholesalers, manufacturers or retailers.