The Terms and Conditions herein this Signup Agreement is applied to new and existing customers of PrimeSource Distribution. 

Getting Credit

This application is sent to PrimeSource Distribution for the sole right of getting a credit. You ensure that all the info provided during this application is accurate, current and complete and that Prime Source Pharmaceutical will reappraise all necessary information to ameliorate in the process of discontinuing or extending a customer’s credit. 

As a customer, you also agree to put down in writing and nonflying PrimeSource distribution in case of any change in the provided information. Change include but not limited to change in nature of your business, location, name, ownership as well as the financial condition. PrimeSource Distribution have the right to discontinue credit at any time.

Payment Terms

The due date for payment is determined by the date a purchase was made. For example, purchases made during the 1st to the 25th of any month have a due payment date of 10th of the following month. Purchases that are made on the 26th through the end of the month has a due date of 10th on the following month. This implies our credit terms is a 10 EOM and as liable to credit approval. If you are using any NSF check, then an $30 fee will be charged. All invoice that have past their due date for payment will accrue a 1.5% interest rate per month until it is fully paid. 

Payment Guarantee

You agree to all drafts and obligations, all extensions, evidence of credit in full upon or before the due date at the place assigned on the invoice. A 1.5% monthly charge will be assessed if not paid upon the due date and as such you also agree to pay all the imposed finance charges. 

Failure or not being able to pay the agree charge, you will agree to pay Prime Source Distribution or its branches, or dba’s etc. the maximum permitted monthly finance charge, collection cost as well as the attorney’s fees. 

This application will be used as personal guarantee for all credit extensions by PrimeSource Distribution in association with the purchasing of all or any goods. Furthermore, the guarantor also agrees to surrender their rights to the US courts should there be any failure by the company to pay Prime Source Distribution as stated herein this credit application. 

This application is applicable to your representatives, heirs, assigns and successors. 


In case you are returning any merchandise, you are stating that the said product(s) where ordered directly from PrimeSource Distribution as well as consenting to following proper storage recommendations as stated on product{s) label and in the designated bottle (the bottles have never been opened or drugs products have never been repackaged in accordance with the Prescription Drug Marketing Act.


  • We only accept returns if the purchase was made directly from PrimeSource Distribution and if they are only returned by the original purchaser.
  • All credit as based on the current selling price or the price on the original invoice receipt, taking preference with whichever is lower, free goods, adjusted for terms discounts, rebates, etc. if applicable. 
  • All credits will be issued within 30 days of receipt and no deduction or reduction maybe taken before that time. No checks will be mailed and all credit will be issued in form of a memo.
  • All product returns must be authorized by the manager as we do not accept returns made by sales representative.

NO CREDIT will be approved for the following reasons;

  1. If product is purchased as a short-date or a close-out inventory
  2. Controlled substances.
  3. Refrigerated products.
  4. Products sent back to PrimeSource with lot numbers different from what the purchaser has received from PrimeSource Distribution.
  5. Bottles that are partially or fully opened; either repackaged, or not in their original sealed containers.
  6. Packages that reaches the distribution center with having a return authorization form.
  7. Merchandise mailed to our distribution center that have not yet been allocated with a prior authorization. Such items will be destroyed and not returned
  8. Product tempered with stickers, knife cuts, price marks, etc. 
  9. Damage products caused either by improper storage, poor handling, heat, fir, cold, water, smoke, bankruptcy sale, or catastrophe, or purchased, or ordered in violation of any Federal, State, or local law or regulation. 
  10. If goods are free
  11. If they goods are returned by a customer who has not made a purchase in a period of two months or more than two months.
  12. Through freight, except the product return is initiated because of our error.
  13. Any product that was bought more than 6 month ago.


The fundamental shipping policies of PrimeSource Distribution is as follows;

The same day shipping will occur if the order is received before 8:00pm EST from Monday to Friday. If the orders are placed after 8:00pm EST, they will be shipped during the next business day. Purchases made during Saturday or Sunday, or during company observed holidays will be shipped during the next normal working day. 

PrimeSource minimum order is $150.00. all minimum orders are fright prepaid at PrimeSource expense. Ordering a refrigerated product after 8:00pm EST Thursday through Sunday will be shipped the next Monday provided it is a normal working day. 

PrimeSource Distribution has the sole right to change or modify this policy at any time when necessary without prior notice. 

*All these excludes order that are held for Credit or Compliance Review



How to request Authorization for Return

  • Get in contact with your account manager at (000) – 000 – 0000 to request a return authorization form any item or products that you wish to return for credit. To allow for proper processing, all pertinent item information, lot numbers, invoice numbers, as well as expiration dates.
  • A 20% restocking fee is application for all authorized returns.
  • All returned merchandise must be tagged along with the Return Authorization form.

Order Errors

All shipping errors must be reported within 48hrs of delivery. All errors are returnable with full value at the expense of PrimeSource

All errors made by us will be provided with a PrimeSource call tag. These tags are only valid for 10 days and should only be used for products shipped in error.


We hereby give our permission to PrimeSource Distribution and all is branches to promote or send advertisements materials to FAX number(s) and/or email(s) as listed above.


PrimeSource Distribution has the right to change this policy. This present polices surpasses all other policies and is hereby automatically applied to previous customers supply agreements or written contracts.